Next 29th January we will bottled our “Naturelles”. This range is our newest arrival. Borne out of 2018’s vintage, this range is available in red and white under an IGP Pays d’Oc label. Those wines are a perfect harmony of strong yet balanced aromas.

A desire to return to the land inspired us to work more closely with nature and adopt organic winemaking practices.

Leveraging our knowledge of modern winemaking techniques, we are able to avoid adding preservatives such as sulfites during the vinification process to craft wines that are delectable and refreshing. A pleasure to share with no ill effects.

Creating our “Naturelles” range requires first and foremost an exacting selection of perfectly ripened grapes from our vines. It is then crucial to mitigate potential risks during the winemaking process to ensure added sulfites are not required. This includes increased and regular monitoring to control oxidization as well as delicately managing the wine throughout production.

To clarify there is no such thing as sulfite-free wines as sulfites are a natural product of fermentation. The distinction on wine labels is to indicate that no sulfites are added during the winemaking process

Our “Naturelles” range of wines contain less than 10mg/l of natural sulfites.  A level of or exceeding 10mg/l of sulfites can occur naturally during the alcoholic fermentation of grapes. Wines containing 10mg/l or more of natural sulfites or added sulfites must include the ‘contains sulfites’ caution on their labels.

Wines with no added sulfites are generally less processed and as such enjoy more complex aromas. Our “Naturelles” have a robust character which empathizes unique flavors during tasting.

It is imperative to control the rate of fermentation to remove all the sugar content. We therefore stall the rate of fermentation by chilling our whites for several days prior to adding yeast. While for our reds we add yeast as soon as they are in the cellar with increased monitoring of temperature and density levels.

These processes encourage systematic malolactic fermentation for both whites and reds, often adding a little spice to the aromas. The most critical stage is to ensure that the wine is bottled as soon as possible to ensure optimum preservation of the wine.

We create our “Naturelles” to be enjoyed young. Delectable and refreshing wines that are a pleasure to share.

We are delighted to be introducing to you to the “Naturelles” range. To elegantly present this new range we chose to pare down design elements taking inspiration from the shape of a “0”. This is how our “0” Red and “0” White IGP Pays d’Oc label came into being.