Saint-Cels is above all a family story… that began  in 1970, when Henri Calas the grandfather, after years of activity in wine trading decided to invest in a vineyard. Thus, he  acquired Saint-Cels. First and foremost he  extended the surface, and planted Chardonnay and Syrah grape varieties,  which at that time was unusual  in this region.

In 1993, Etienne, his grandson, succeeded him. In the continuity of his grandfather he has renewed   the vineyard, planting a  lot and  is dedicated to  the vine management, the marketing of the  wines being entrusted to major trading houses in Languedoc.

Today it’s a new page of this family story that is being  written …

Our “traditional” vine management inspired over the years by the Etienne’s know-how, tradition inherited from our  grandfather as well as our experience,  has led us little by little to want another viticulture. We want to get out of the beaten track, away  from the mechanization, away from the whirl of  “modernity” and settle down in our estate,  standing upright  deeply rooted in the ground, our land .

Naturally, the idea of converting our domain to organic viticulture was born, using an innovative way of cultivating our soils with real “agro-ecological tools” that are vegetal covers.

Then in 2017, Marie ended her career after 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry and joined the field developing new image, a new range and wants to develop the sales by promoting our wines beyond our borders..

The family story could continue …




After studying Biology (Montpellier), she completed her training with an International Business School (Montpellier Business School). She has worked for nearly 25 years in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry visiting her clients  all over the world. In 2017, an awareness of her life priorities led her to leave the industry, follow  a course and  pass    a MBA Wine and International Market (ISV – Montpellier)  before joining  the family vineyard. She wants to invest in the sales and marketing of our wines.



Vigneron Éleveur

After a degree in  viticulture and wine  (BTS Viti-Oeno – Montpellier), he completed his training with a business  degree (IAE – Montpellier). Then, in  1993  he took over the domain.  For him,  as  a passionate of Nature, “agroecology” is at the heart of his concerns with a well establish goal : revive the soil.

Matthew and Thomas our sons support and accompany us on this adventure. They are 100% involved