IGP Pays d’Oc Blanc

Our familial winery in Saint Cels is set in the heart of the Saint-Chinian appellation. Our 80 hectares of vineyards have been long established on this remarkable terroir. Nature provides us with all the ingredients essential to creating wine. There is a unique diversity in the soil that makes terroir distinctive. Shale hillsides , limestone clay valleys mixed with rolled pebbles along the Touloubre and Vernazobre rivers. The temperate Mediterranean climate with characteristic cool nights in the heat of the summer offers large jumps in temperature promoting optimum maturation of our vineyards. In addition our region benefits from the dry and cold northern Tramontane wind which naturally fosters vine health.
Our knowledge of modern winemaking allows us to avoid adding sulfites to craft our “Naturelles” range. We are moving towards pleasure wines with exceptional aromatic complexity.

The Vines

Varieties: “0 Blanc” is 100% Vermentino to yield an elegant and refined wine.
Terroir : Our Vermentino vines grow on a limestone terroir.
Vine management: Our existing sustainable methods are transitioning to organic agricultural practices. We tend to the vineyards with agroecological farming approach.
Pomace and crushed old shoots/canes/vegetal debris are used for composting during ploughing. The plants grow along trellisses as to ensure optimum solar exposure. The vines are pruned using the Cordon de Royat method leaving foliage and two buds.
The average age of our vines is 8 years
Yield : <50 hl / ha

The Cellar

Harvest : Perfectly ripened grapes are picked in the early morning to preserve freshness.
Vinification: The destemmed harvest is direct pressed, then preserved in cool temperature controlled vats prior to fermentation. This preserves aromas and control the fermentation process to yield moreish wines that are a pleasure to drink. To avoid slow fermentation we add yeast as soon as the grapes arrive in the cellar. We then monitor and control the temperature in the vats several times a day in order to manage fermentation until there is no sugar. Wines with no added sulfites require us to manage different risks during wine making such as allowing malolactic fermentation which adds spice to the aromas.
Ageing: The ageing process is the most complex part of making sulfites free wines. We avoid prolonged conservation in vats and bottle wines as quickly as possible. A light fining and filtration is performed prior to bottling.
13,5 % Alc. /Vol.

Tasting notes

“0 Blanc” is clear and luminous yellow pale with silver highlights. With a fresh floral nose with a hint of lemon and acacia flower. Elegant and fresh, “0” white is powerfully fruity with floral notes once opened. It is smooth on the palate heightened by refreshing acidity, good richness and medium body. The mid palate aromas reveal white fruits such peach and green apple. With refreshing menthol notes on the finish


Best served chilled (8-10°C)
Ageing potential: ready to drink now or within 1-2 years

Food pairing

Drink chilled as an aperitif or to accompany shellfish, grilled fish drizzled in lemon butter or even with citrus salads.


6 Bordeaux bottles (75 cl) card box and protective tray pad
Neutrocork Premium. High density aluminium complex capsule.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. To consume with moderation.